Covid-19 Health and Safety Measures

To all our lovely Customers,

I wanted to reach out to our valued customers to let you know that our business is open, and we would love to see you again soon. I also understand that you may be concerned about COVID-19 and wanted to let you know what we have been doing as a responsible business considering the current situation.
The wellbeing of our customers and our staff is always our top priority. We take the safety of our customers very seriously and have a position on the virus that is based on the current advice from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other Government Agencies.
As part of our strategy, our teams know to take sick leave and stay away from the business if they are unwell, and in addition to this, we are requiring staff to selfisolate, following MOH advice, for 14 days if they fall have had contact or exposure to a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
This may mean that some of our team members will not be here for short periods, and when you next come in to see us, you may see some new smiling faces. We can assure you that those stepping in are keen to see you and will still be able to provide you with excellent service.
Ministry of Primary Industries advice is that there is no evidence that people can become infected with the virus through food. Our staff our are trained appropriately in food hygiene practices, but we have been reinforcing and ramping up our practices to stay vigilant. Along with our routine cleaning, we are taking extra steps to sanitize all surfaces, increasing the cleaning intervals and monitoring the regularity and cleanliness of our premises.
For your reassurance, we are:
Cleaning all high touch surfaces
The high-touch surfaces are surfaces where we touch the most. These include, but are not limited to door handles, door knobs, cutlery, Eftpos machines, toilet flushes, faucets and all other table surfaces.
Washing and sanitizing food contact surfaces and equipment on a more frequent basis. o Changing out utensils frequently.
Making sure your dining area and tables/chairs are disinfected and thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day.
Ensuring all hand sinks available to our customers are accessible and available for customers to use with handwash, warm water and paper towels to dry as well as a bin to dispose paper towels in.
Professionally cleaning the restaurant as often as possible.
When you visit us next, you will also notice that we are have hand sanitizer and tissues available for customers to use.
The space between our tables is 2 metres, so that people can feel at a comfortable distance.
Alternatively, don’t forget that we also have a takeout menu available and this can be ordered online by calling in your order.
We have also implemented a policy for our suppliers around not entering our premises if they are also considered high risk, as outlined above, and currently supplier interactions with anyone in any of our premises is encouraged to be conducted using electronic communication tools.
I hope that this confirms our commitment to our people – our staff and you, our customers, as well as everyone who enters our premises.
We will monitor further developments and act in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidance and will stay in touch.
Thank you for your ongoing support, your understanding is greatly appreciated. We are open and would love to see you soon!

Yours Sincerely

Anthony Pivac
Zane 2018 Limited